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The Cost Vinyl Siding Poses

Vinyl siding is one of the most inexpensive sidings today. Although it was invented in the 1950s, the original siding was not of uniform quality and, as such, wasn't as popular. It wasn't until the 1970s when manufacturing was improved to the point that popularity of this type of siding began to rise. Eventually the siding became the most popular type of siding used today, and because of this the cost vinyl siding has can be significantly lower than others.

Why is the cost vinyl siding has so low?

Originally vinyl siding was manufactured using a process known as mono extrusion. Mono extrusion is where one type of material is extruded through a die into a desired shape. In order to keep the siding weatherproof, a UV inhibitor and several hardening agents were added to the mixture before it was shaped. Unfortunately this tended to make the vinyl too brittle and the UV-resistant chemical was expensive, thereby increasing the cost vinyl siding has. Eventually a process known as co-extrusion was developed. In the co-extrusion process, two different types of vinyl are extruded, one on top of the other. This allowed the expensive UV chemical to be applied only to a small layer of the siding, and it kept the vinyl core flexible. Less chemical means better price for the consumer.

Another great benefit to the price of vinyl siding is the variety of different ways it can be manufactured. The taste of even the pickiest homeowner can usually be satisfied, and the more varieties in which it is made allow more people to purchase vinyl. When mass produced, vinyl siding becomes much cheaper and easier for contractors in any location to acquire.

What specifically changes the prices?

The specific cost vinyl siding has per square foot ranges from $1 to $7 or more. There are several factors which give these gaps in price and some of them can be necessary. Thickness - In vinyl siding, thicknesses usually range from 0.34 inches to 0.55 inches. The thicker the vinyl usually the more expensive, but also the more it can withstand impacts and weather damage. Protective Coatings - Vinyl siding, like most paints and other colorings, will fade over time as exposed to the sun and other elements. Companies will add different UV and weather protectors to lessen this, but the better the protection usually the higher the price. Insulation - Most vinyl siding tends to be less energy efficient than other types of sidings. Some manufacturers change this by adding and insulating layer to the back of the siding, to stop ambient energy loss. Adding this insulation can increase the price of the siding.

Final Factors in Selecting Vinyl Siding for your Home

There are some unavoidable factors when talking about which vinyl siding is purchased. The type of weather a house has to endure can mean that a certain type of vinyl siding is needed, and geographic location can also increase price. A contractor will have more information about the specific cost of vinyl siding in a certain area.

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