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How Expensive is Vinyl Siding?

When thinking about vinyl siding cost a number of factors come into play. There are several factors which come into play when thinking about the price, all of which are important to consider. Here we will look at an overview of different aspects which come together to figure general vinyl siding cost and those qualities of vinyl siding that usually don't.

Different Types of Vinyl Siding

This is perhaps one of the larger reasons for changes in vinyl siding cost. Depending on which type of siding you choose for your house, the installation requirements are different. One of the most obvious examples of this is vertical siding versus horizontal siding. While the difference between those two does change the installation requirements, price is generally unaffected. Some types of vinyl siding are thicker than others, making installation easier (since the lengths are stiffer and easier to install), but can generally cost more than thinner more flexible types. This rigidity can be desirable however, since the strips will lay flat across and holes or bumps in the wall of the house, making the overall appearance neater. There are some vinyl sidings which are made to mimic different types of materials. Examples of this are vinyl made to look like bricks or wood, even different types of wood such as shingles or logs. These types of siding tend to be a bit more expensive since they cost more to make, and they can also change the installation requirements since they can require special types of trim. Because of vinyl sidings flexibility, many contractors will also be able to get a custom type of vinyl siding. This can take longer to get than standard types of siding, but can many times be a better fit for someone's home than the standard versions.

Vinyl Siding comes in all Varieties and Colors

This is one area in which vinyl siding cost doesn't usually change that much. There are many colors in which vinyl siding is already manufactured, and some manufacturers are even able to create a specific color based on a sample which a customer provides them. The only thing to remember is that with some types of vinyl siding a small amount of fading can be expected to occur after about 5 years.

Weather Treatment for the Harsh Maine Winter

Thankfully vinyl siding is one of the most resilient sidings on the market today. Some of the imitation sidings might need anti-mildew or fungus sprays, but the majority of vinyl sidings have a life of at least 25 years. The only maintenance which is required is spraying it off when it becomes dirty. Some even guarantee a lifetime of use and can be passed from one house-owner to the next.

This sidings flexibility and myriad of options allow for vinyl siding cost to be kept very low. Prices may change depending on what time of the year it is, but for the most part vinyl is an inexpensive and versatile way to put siding on your house.

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