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Why Siding Is So Important

Exterior siding on a home can bring a perfect finish to a beautiful architecture. It will give a personal signature to any home, but that isn't the only reason for siding. Many underestimate the protective qualities of siding, and the dangers of leaving a house without it for long.

Protecting Sheathing below

When a house is built the walls are not made out of one solid material. The inside of an outer wall is mainly insulation; with wooden studs every foot and a half or so. On the outer portion of the wall a layer of plywood or similar material called sheathing. This sheathing is usually only about a half an inch thick; and although it is tough enough to take a hit, the sheathing can't really stand up to all of the weather and sun, especially over a long period of time.

Different Types of Protection

Exterior siding has existed for over a hundred years in various forms. Different materials have been used based on what they best protect the house from. Different environments can put special strain on siding, breaking down faster unless specific sidings are used.

Weather in Maine causes Damage to Your Siding

Weather is the main factor that must be taken into account when choosing sidings. The problem comes from the number of different problems that weather can cause.
Rot and Mildew
Rotting is one of the biggest dangers for the plywood sheathing of the house. It will cause a weakening in the walls of the home, and can become bad enough that the wall will need to be replaced. The mildew can cause a discoloring of the house which spreads quickly and requires siding treatment and replacement. For both of these reasons, any houses which are in very wet environments usually don't use rot-prone sidings, instead using sidings which are easy to treat or are naturally water resistant.
Sidings like brick and stone, although tough, can have many small cracks in them. Although water doesn't fully penetrate these sidings, it can come to sit in the cracks. On nights when the temperature drops below freezing, expanding water can weaken and break some of these exterior sidings. Because of this, less porous sidings are used in areas where freezing is the norm.
In many areas, heavy wind is the norm through much of the year. Lighter sidings like vinyl usually can't be used in these areas as heavy winds can literally tear sidings away from house. Heavy durable sidings are the norm in these areas, and can sometimes be a necessity.

Getting Good Siding Installed in Maine by Experts

Because of the many factors affecting the performance of exterior siding, using a good contractor is the best idea. Contractors will know the siding that is the best for your area, and will have experience installing it correctly. With a quality install, your house will have the best protection available, and the siding will last as long as possible. The right exterior siding is a must for any house.

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