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Vinyl Siding Estimate Kennebunk ME

Your New Vinyl Siding Estimate

Perhaps you have surveyed the existing options for your exterior renovation and have decided that vinyl siding would probably be right for you. The first step in getting that project completed is to contact a qualified contractor to get a vinyl siding estimate. Estimates are usually offered free by most businesses and take into account the specific structural requirements of your house.

Which Vinyl Product Should You Use

Before you can get a vinyl siding estimate from your contractor, you have to decide which product you want to use. Unlike traditional vinyl siding material, today's vinyl comes in lots of beautiful colors that retain their freshness even longer than before. Vinyl also comes in shapes and textures that mimic other more expensive or unique materials. You can order material that looks like old fashioned clapboard, cedar shingles, board and batten, or half-round logs to create a log cabin look. Lots of architectural possibilities also exist, with different associated costs.

What To Expect When the Siding Contractor Comes

You can expect that the contractor will spend an appropriate amount of time to carefully measure your building, calculating the square footage of each wall and accounting for the number of doors and windows. Gables and unusual roof lines also will make their own contribution to the square footage calculation. The contractor will probably spend some time doing some final figuring before giving you the figure. He may even need to call you later with the estimate. The contractor will make his final vinyl siding estimate based on the material needed to cover the square footage, how much he will have to pay his workers to do the job, and how much profit he adds in. If you get several estimates from different contractors, you may find that they vary somewhat. This happens because they have different predictions about the costs for the job or they add in different amounts of profit.

Get the Best Local Siding Contractor

Cost is not the only reason to accept or reject a vinyl siding estimate. You should also consider the experience of the contractor with the particular types of materials you want to use. It is not unreasonable to ask for examples of his work so that you can see how well the job was done. Ask the contractor if the product manufacturer offers installation certification and whether he has that certification. You should also be sure to choose a contractor that is licensed, insured, and bonded. Businesses that comply with this requirement take seriously the responsibility to protect both you and their employees during the course of a job. All this to say that the contractor with the lowest estimate may or may not be the best for your project, since there are other considerations that have to do with the quality of the company and of the work performed.

Portland Maine Vinyl Siding Estimate Online

Once you have approved the vinyl siding estimate, your contractor should schedule your work. If you have chosen wisely, he will show up on time and finish the job without an unexpected amount of trouble or inconvenience to you. Don't be confused by the estimating process. The estimate is a valuable tool to help you decide which contractor will get your business.

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