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The Real Cost of Siding

If you are looking to renovate the outside of your home one of first topics that will come up is different prices. For siding it may seem a little overwhelming since the price varies according to the type and quality of the siding. Repainting the existing siding may seem like a cheaper route to take at first; however it is not always the best investment for your money. There are several things to consider.

Estimated Life of Vinyl Siding in Southern Maine

If it is getting close to the end of the estimated life of the current siding on your home, repainting may just be putting a Band-Aid on the problem. Look at the cost of painting and compare that to the cost of replacing the siding. It may be cheaper to paint, but a year later you may be forced to replace the siding due to damage or rot and will then be faced with even higher prices. For siding that has a lifetime warranty, such as vinyl, this is not a problem. Other types of siding do not have that same warranty and will need to be replaced at the owner's expense.

Maintenance Cost for Replacement Siding Products

Do your research on regular maintenance of sidings before making your selection. Vinyl siding is one of the easiest to maintain, only requiring a wash with a garden hose and a cloth. Stucco needs to be pressure washed every so often, and Plywood siding needs to be re-stained or re-painted every five years. Maintenance varies depending on the type of siding or problem with the siding, so make sure you ask questions before purchasing so you won't be caught by surprise by the maintenance prices for siding.

Grades and Qualities of Vinyl Siding

Another factor to consider when comparing prices for siding is the grade of the material. While a material such as cedar may be less expensive than vinyl siding, it is more expensive to maintain but also provides more insulation than the vinyl siding. There are even different grades within each type of siding. In vinyl there are economy, standard, and premium grades. These grades deal with things such as thickness, noise reduction, heat transfer, etc. It is always best to learn the pros and cons of any type of siding before purchase in order to make the best choice for you.

Cost of Materials and Installation in Maine

Prices for siding normally range from two dollars per square foot to thirty (or more) dollars per square foot. Vinyl continues to be the least expensive siding, usually seen around two dollars per square foot. Stone siding is one of the most expensive, ranging from fifteen to thirty dollars per square foot. Ask your contractor for complete pricing information on different types of siding, and even double check to see what the competitor's prices are before making your selection.

After considering all of the factors you will be able to make your selection knowing that there won't be anything coming in the future of your siding that will be a "surprise" cost for you.

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