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Why Choose Vinyl Siding?

Deciding what to pick when it comes to exterior cladding can be a daunting task. However, vinyl siding is the preference of homeowners when it comes to choosing which exterior cladding is right for their present and future needs. As for the present, vinyl siding is dominating the market like no other siding option for the following reasons:

Low Cost Siding Vinyl In Maine

Vinyl siding is cheaper than any other exterior cladding out there ($2-$3/sq.ft), including fiber cement siding, making vinyl the top choice for homeowners. Because it's so lightweight, vinyl siding is very easy to cut and install, which takes the installation price lower than any other siding option.

Siding Maintenance and Exterior Cleaning Plans

Another advantage is that vinyl, as opposed to wood siding, won't ever mold and is much less susceptible to damage by sunlight. Really, the only maintenance required to extend its life is to wash it off 1-2 times per year.

Safety and Durability for your Home

Some cladding emit dusty particles during the installation process, often causing harmful breathing conditions not only to the laborers, but to the homeowner as well. By choosing vinyl siding, the homeowner has one less concern to worry over, as the vinyl installation process is clean and safe.

Beautiful New Vinyl Siding for your Home

As far as being an attractive accent to one's home, the vinyl siding market has overcome the early days of the boring, neutral colors it was known for, and has now become something truly unique and vibrant, thanks to a newly-developed process in manufacturing which produces beautiful, lasting colors.

Another fact to take into consideration is that vinyl holds its shape. If a wall is bent prior to the installation process, after the cladding has been installed the dented wall will usually be accentuated, as most exterior cladding conforms to the shape of the wall. But vinyl maintains its sturdiness and will actually cure the error!

Exterior Protection that will Survive the Tough Maine Winters

Because vinyl siding contains 0% wood fibers, it won't ever rot, giving it an advantage over other cladding, while improving its length of life. It's durability has been tested in harsh weather, such as hailstorms. When hail hits aluminum, for example, the aluminum becomes dented and irreparable. Not so with vinyl siding, as it holds its place through the most severe weather storms. Vinyl siding can last for decades without ever needing a coat of paint or any repairs.

Homeowners usually end up deciding on vinyl siding for the needs of their home because of the lower costs of installation and maintenance. But no matter what the reason, when choosing vinyl to protect and insulate a home, the homeowner has chosen the best possible path available today. It's the path of least resistance, allowing the homeowner to enjoy his home, worry-free. When making your choice, ask yourself what you expect in regard to your home's exterior cladding. If you want cladding that is both attractive as well as timeless, a cheaper alternative to your home's upkeep,and one that will last longer than its competitors, then definitely choose vinyl siding.

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