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The "Hardie"st Siding in Maine

James Hardie is the fastest growing siding manufacturing company in the United States. The company claims to be the world leader when it comes to fiber cement siding. Over 5 million homes in North America use James Hardie exterior products. These products are commonly known as HardiePlank, HardiePanel, HardieShingle, HardieSoffit, and, the newest line of James Hardie products known as Artisan Lap.

Maine Vinyl and Cement Siding

James Hardie Siding has the same benefits as the alternatives, which are wood based siding and vinyl siding. Like vinyl siding, it is resistant to rot; both are also impervious to termites. Like wood based siding, it has the look and feel of real woodgrain, and is also resistant to melting even when exposed directly to heat. However, James Hardie siding is made of fiber cement, and has many other attributes that wood based siding and vinyl siding do not make it an attractive option. It is extremely durable and non-combustible, and is resistant not only to minor impact and fire, but also to natural elements, such as rain, hail, wind, sun, and snow. Finally, fiber cement siding can be painted easily, and the company offers a 30-year warranty behind all of their siding products. These many benefits make it easy to see why James Hardie Siding is emerging as a top choice of homeowners nationwide.

Comparing Different Types of Siding Products in Maine

There are three different types of exterior siding manufactured by James Hardie, along with other several other complementary exterior products such as trim and soffit. The first is HardiePlank Lap Siding, which is touted as the most popular siding used in America. It comes with many textures and looks that helps to customize a home. The second type of exterior siding is HardieShingle siding, which is made to have a handcrafted feel that mimics the look of cedar shingles, but unlike cedar shingles, will not split, crack, or rot. The shingles come in a variety of decorative edges and also in several width choices. The third type of exterior siding made by James Hardie is HardiePanel Vertical Siding. The vertical siding is meant to be used in combination with HardieTrim boards, in order to get the board-and-batten look favored in traditional homes.

Furthermore, James Hardie has introduced a new system, known as HardieZone, which allows each homeowner to choose siding products that are specific to the climate and conditions around which the home is being built. According to the company, there are eight climate variables that can affect the long-term performance of a home's siding. These variables include hail, snow, amount of rainfall, humidity, uv ratings, hurricane, temperature range, and topographical factors. This system applies to all three exterior siding products.

James Hardie siding is widely used and appreciated for its many benefits and long-lasting performance. Not only are all of the James Hardie siding products engineered to fit the eight climate variables that surround and affect each individual home, but they are also backed by and protected with a 30-year transferable, nonprorated, limited warranty.

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