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Whether you are building a new home or giving your older home a much needed update, vinyl siding is a terrific option you should consider. This kind of siding used to be rather uniform and even boring, but today's products come in much more variety than ever before. Competitive pricing and easy maintenance make vinyl a viable competitor in today's market.

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In other times, vinyl was only available in plain styles and a limited variety of colors. All homes covered with this material looked pretty much alike. The advancement of materials technology allows siding to be made in a wider range of hues than ever before. This product is not just more colorful, but it resists fading better as well. Traditional vinyl siding was virtually smooth, but today's manufacturers make products in a wide selection of shapes and textures to suit just about any architectural taste. Your installer can order and install products that look like old fashioned clapboards, cedar shingles, board and batten, or even half-round logs for a log cabin look. Many architectural details can be done in this material as well. The variety is truly astonishing. Ask your contractor to show you brochures from several manufacturers so that you can see the different looks that can be achieved.

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Costs vary, of course, depending on the style of siding you choose as well as the size and style of your house. Vinyl, however, is economical both to install and to maintain. It doesn't need the regular repainting of other siding products, just washing with a mild soap solution. While power washers are not generally recommended by the manufacturers, a bristle brush, a bucket of cleaner, and a hose are all you will probably need to keep your siding looking great. Textured surfaces may require a little more scrubbing, but this is still is easy compared to painting.

While the freshness of the color doesn't last forever, it does retain its beauty much longer than a typical painted surface. The lifetime of the product is affected by climate and weather exposure, but no matter where you live, you shouldn't need to replace your siding for a long time. Insulated products are also available if your house needs additional protection. Adding an extra insulated layer can help to reduce your heating and cooling bills, especially if upgraded windows are installed at the same time.

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You probably already knew that vinyl is relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain. However, you might have crossed it off your list of options before really considering the modern colors and styles that today's manufacturers offer. Your house can look beautiful and even stunning with modern vinyl siding. You may even be able to fool your neighbors into thinking that you spent a lot more than you did. Talk to your contractor to see your design options and to get an estimate. Don't dismiss vinyl until you see what the industry offers today.

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