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Factors That Influence Siding Prices

Contractors are quite frequently asked what the price of siding is. Well, that's a hard question to answer because of all of the factors that must be accounted in order to give an accurate quote. The only real way to get an accurate estimate is to have a contractor come out and measure your home and consult with you about all of the options available. But we will take a look at some of the factors involved in trying to come with a price.

The Factors That Influence the Price of Siding

Here is an abbreviated list of factors that a contractor who is skilled in all types of siding will consider when preparing an accurate estimate for your home.

  • The kind of siding chosen
  • The amount of surfaces to be sided
  • The square footage of the home
  • The height of the home
  • The type of trim wanted
  • The ease of access
  • The type of accents wanted
  • The condition of the walls
  • The need for the trim to be replaced
  • The need for demolition
  • The cost of a dumpster
  • The cost of building permits and inspections
  • The need for repair to existing walls
  • The need for insulation or not
  • The type of staging needed
  • The kind of flashing needed
  • The need for additional equipment
  • The removal and reinstallation of windows and awnings
  • The cost of regional overhead
  • The applicable taxes
  • The Price of Siding by Type in Maine

    When people ask this question, they really want to know how much one siding type costs compared to another. All estimates must include the price of siding combined with the price of labor. But we will list the most common types of siding from lowest to highest price.

  • Vinyl Siding - builder grade
  • Vinyl Siding - foam backed
  • Aluminum Siding - foam backed
  • Fiber Cement Clapboard - stock color
  • Everlast Composite Siding
  • Molded Vinyl Siding - shingle style
  • Fiber Cement Clapboard - field finished
  • Low-Grade Cedar Clapboard - field finished
  • CVG Cedar Clapboard - field finished
  • White Cedar Shingles - field finished
  • Low-Grade Red Cedar Shingles - field finished
  • Premium-Grade Red Cedar Shingles - field finished
  • Price of Siding By Labor in Southern Maine

    The price for labor will vary according to region, skill level, competition level and size of contracting company. When choosing a contractor, word of mouth is one of the strongest advertisements. Same with a company sign in the yard of a home that is being sided. Find out if the contractor has a website and read testimonies on the site or on forums. You could also get a couple of estimates or bids from competing contractors to bargain for the best price.

    Other things to take into consideration is longevity of the siding and the cost of maintenance and upkeep. If the siding material is prone to dents and scratches you have to take the cost of repairs into consideration, just as you do if you purchased wood siding that would need to be repainted or stained down the road.

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