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Siding Price Maine and New England

How Much Will My Siding Cost?

Anyone who has ever needed to side or re-side a house with vinyl siding can attest to the fact that it is hard to start off with an exact price for how much an install will cost. This isn't an unusual occurrence, nor is it a contractor trying to get a better deal. The price of vinyl siding can change based on a large variety of factors, and because protecting the house properly and the perfect look are important factors, cheaper isn't necessarily better.

The Thicker the Siding the more Durable

This is one of the more obvious cost increases. Vinyl siding is made in thicknesses ranging from 0.33 to 0.56 inches. This may not seem like a lot, but thicker vinyl is needed when a more durably version of vinyl siding is required. This includes situations where a house is subject to harsh weather or saltwater spray. The thicker the more the buffeting it can take, but it also will usually increase the price of vinyl siding.

You can Get Insulated Vinyl Siding to save even more

This can cover several categories, but is more associated with the installation of vinyl on a house. In one case, if a house has any unusual corners or unique housing shapes, these parts can increase the cost of the installation of vinyl, simply because more work is required. Another extra that can increase the cost of vinyl siding is if insulation is desired. Siding insulation can keep energy costs down in the home, over the long run saving money. But, this eventual payback comes with a price increase on the front end. One case that is not entirely extra is trim. Trim is usually called the extras, but every siding installation of every type needs some sort of trim. Trim is any piece of uniquely shaped siding which is needed to cover the siding at the edges of any windows, doors, corners, etc. Since the needs of every house in this regard are unique, it is hard to determine the exact price of vinyl siding installation until the house is examined.

There are hundreds of different styles of vinyl siding in Maine

Vinyl siding can be made to imitate a variety of other siding materials. Some of the most popular versions of this are brick and wood. Wood grain pattern can be put on just about any thickness of vinyl siding, but some homeowners are not satisfied unless the imitation is very realistic. Usually the more detail that is required to make the look of the vinyl realistic, the more the price of vinyl siding tends to increase. This attention to detail can also carry over to colors, as the more vibrant and glossy colors tend to cost a little more. Some manufacturers also offer custom colors, but this will also give a price increase.

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This is a factor where a contractor makes like much easier. Contractors will have contact with several manufacturers and will know the best pricing for a certain area. A contractor will also be able to inspect the house and give an estimate for the price of vinyl siding installation for that home.

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