Vinyl and Metal Siding for Houses in Maine

Siding for Houses in Southern Maine

Different Siding for Houses

Have you ever asked yourself, "I wonder what the best siding for houses is"? Maybe you were browsing samples at Home Depot, or perhaps you were driving through an attractive neighborhood, wondering why each house was fiber-cemented. The answer to that question can be tricky because--just as each siding is different from the other--each homeowner has different preferences than those of his neighbors.

Below, we've listed the basics descriptions of some siding options for you to consider. It wouldn't hurt for you to grab a pen and jot down some of the things you're looking for in your siding. Then you can compare your list with ours to see which exterior cladding option is right for you!

Wood Siding in Maine

Those who choose solid wood are focused on heritage.They're not planning on throwing a house together, inserting their family and furniture, and most likely selling it one day. They're building a wooden castle to actually live in; something their friends and family will enjoy forever. The most popular wood clapboard is cedar, as it is actually resistant to insects and water, however, if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to clapboard, yet still want the quality of wood, you should definitely use cedar shingles. If you're just interested in the look without the upkeep, try engineered wood siding.

Stone Siding and Siding Contractors

Although a very expensive option, stone siding is just as timeless as wood. The advantage it has over wood, however, is that weather has virtually no effect on it! A much cheaper alternative to stone is a precast stone veneer, which, if you purchase the right option, will look just like the real thing!

Brick Siding in Southern Maine

As for being a solid, stable option that won't crumble until long after you care, brick siding is tops on the list of siding for houses. Although an expensive siding for houses, brick won't need any repairs for at least two decades after installation, making maintenance much easier than most other exterior cladding. And don't forget the beautiful look of a brick house--a look that won't ever be out of date.

Fiber Cement Siding and Insulated Siding Installaters

If you're interested in a versatile siding option, look no further! Fiber cement siding can have the appearance of stucco, wood, or masonry, without the pricetag. Plus, it's resistant to termites and fire, making it easy to obtain a warranty on. Fiber cement siding is one of the cheaper siding for houses, although not as cheap as vinyl.

Vinyl Siding Replacement and Repair for your Maine Home

The reason vinyl siding is the top choice in siding for houses today, is because of its cheap price tag, clean and fast installation process, and its coveted, easy maintenance. Many believe vinyl's pros outweigh its cons. For example, vinyl won't get mold or rust, but it might crack. It won't rot, but it might become duller with time. And if you're into saving the environment, you might want to stick with a more natural option. However, vinyl is what it is: the #1 choice in exterior cladding options today.

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