Siding for Homes in Maine by David Deschaine

Vinyl Siding and Metal Siding for Homes in Maine

Up Front about Sidings

The architectural design of siding a house goes back centuries, and the evolution of sidings has only progressed as time and technology have made advances for the homebuilder. Though no longer used today, past options included hardboard composites, fiberglass, and even asbestos. Today's homes primarily use wood, aluminum, vinyl, and cement fiber to accentuate the exterior. All these materials come in an array of styles, colors, textures, and finishes, but each is unique in its specialized features.

Wood and Cedar Siding in Souther Maine

Wood siding is the oldest type of siding in history and can often be seen in the aesthetics of an older, historical house. Wood creates a classic look that most homeowners find appealing. While it is difficult to install over existing siding, it is an excellent choice for a new home. It is moderately priced and easy to repair. The upkeep can be somewhat overwhelming since wood requires regular painting and caulking to maintain its traditional beauty, but a well-maintained wood siding home is timeless.

Aluminum and Metal Siding Installations in Maine

Aluminum became popular in the 1940s as a durable and low maintenance siding to replace unseemly or rotting wood. The moderate price and lightweight nature of the material allowed homeowners to give their houses a facelift without too much difficulty, as long as they did not expect any decorative trim work to go along with it. Aluminum can be noisy, especially during a storm, and it is prone to denting; however, it will not rust, and it does not need repainting.

Portland Maine Local Vinyl Siding Company

When the price of aluminum began to rise in the 1970s, homeowners began looking for a cheaper way to side their homes. Vinyl emerged as an inexpensive, easy to install, low maintenance option in the world of home sidings, especially in the 1990s when it seemed to dominate new construction as well as home improvement projects. It is durable and attractive with all the strength of aluminum but without the tendency to dent or pop. It does not amplify sound or conduct electricity. Since the color of the PVC is an integral part of its construction, there is no need paint.

Cement Fiber Siding Installation and Replacement

The composite of cement and wood fiber is the most recent development in the evolutionary process of sidings. It is the most expensive of all the options, but it is also the most durable with manufacturers offering up to 50-year warranties on their products. Like vinyl, it is very low maintenance, requiring little in the way of cleaning and nothing in the way of painting. Cement fiber siding gives the homeowner the ability to go back in time to the traditional wood look with matching trim work pieces but without the difficult upkeep. It is fire resistant, insect resistant, and mold and mildew resistant. And best of all, cement fiber is a green material.

With so many options in sidings, a homeowner can make his house a home, unique to his personality and style.

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