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Figuring Out Your Siding Cost

Siding cost is a major consideration when you are buying a house or planning renovations. Before you look at different types of siding, or even develop an accurate budget to start planning your next moves, it can be very helpful to estimate exactly how much siding you are going to need. You probably aren't a construction professional, and you might think that you have no chance of figuring out your siding needs with any accuracy. But all you need is a little geometry and a measuring tape, and you can quickly get a pretty good idea of just what your siding cost will be.

Diagram Your Maine House

The first thing you need to do is to put down on paper all the surfaces of your house that will need new siding. Don't worry; you don't need to use graph paper or make sure your surface drawings are absolutely to scale. Rough sketches of rectangles or triangles are sufficient; just mark clearly which surface each shape represents. You'll add the precise square footage later. Use terms like "east wall," "west gable," "garage door wall," and other direction-specific terms to help you remember later which walls are which. It's very easy to forget which way you were facing when you wrote "left" or "right"!

Measure the Surfaces of your Exterior to Determine Cost

With a tape measure, find out the area of each surface. Remember that for squares and rectangles, the surface area is height multiplied by length; for a triangle you have to divide that total by half. Write down each surface area on your sketches. Depending on how accurately you want to estimate your siding cost, you can also factor in the influence of doors and windows on the house. Just measure those areas, then subtract the amount from the area on which the doors or windows are. Add all the surface areas together and you have your rough estimate.

Price Your Siding Options from Local Contractors

The last step in determining what your siding cost might be is looking at different types of siding. The price is set by the square foot, so all you have to do is multiply the price per square foot by the rough estimate that you came up with.

There will, however, be a few extras that this method doesn't take into account, such as corner pieces, edging around doors and windows, and any unusual features that require more siding than you anticipated. So, when deciding what kind of siding falls within your budget, be conservative and plan for your total siding cost to be a little higher.

Here's a very quick, but also less accurate, method of estimating your house's exterior wall area: On most houses, the interior square footage and the exterior wall area are within 200 square feet of each other. Therefore, if you know your house's square footage, you can at least make an educated guess about the amount of siding you will need. Make sure you guess high when figuring costs, so that your estimate will be high rather than low when you are able to get a more accurate estimate.

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