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Choosing a Vinyl Siding Contractor

If you are thinking about installing vinyl siding, Maine contractors offer plenty of options. How do you choose between the many companies that are vying for your business? There are some basics that should be prerequisites for any contractor that wants to work on your home. Have you wondered what the words "Licensed, Bonded, Insured" mean? They are important for the homeowner to understand because these requirements are an indication that the company you are considering takes its legal requirements seriously.

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Business licenses are required by most states and are given to enterprises that have fulfilled the legal requirements for operation. Particular trade licenses, like for HVAC or Electrician, show that the tradesman has taken specific training in working on those systems and passed a rigorous exam that covers the state standards and safety practices for his trade. In order words, it shows that he should know what he is doing. Even for vinyl siding, Maine has standards about how the job should be completed.

Always Hire a Fully Insured Vinyl Siding Company

If you are renovating by installing vinyl siding, Maine contractors should have insurance in order to protect you. This should include general liability insurance, which protects you if a worker causes you personal or property damage during the course of the job. A reputable company should also carry worker's compensation insurance, which covers an employee that is injured during the course of his work. If a company is not insured and some unfortunate accident occurs on the job, whether to you, your property, or to one of the employees, your insurance would have to cover it.

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This is an insurance product that bonds the company to the completion of the work and protects your financial interests. A bond is specifically made out in the name of a particular customer. There are many different kinds of bonds. Bonds are more necessary and more common in commercial projects rather than residential renovation work because the customer's financial interests are higher. Do some research and find out whether, for a home project like vinyl siding, Maine recommends obtaining a bond. A company or a tradesman should be able to provide you with documentation that he is properly licensed and insured. If a bond is required, he should be able to show that to you as well.

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So you have found a company that is properly licensed, insured and bonded. How do you know that he will do a good job? One good way is by word of mouth-do you know someone who has had some good work done recently? If you don't know the contractor, he should be able to provide you with personal references and pictures. Perhaps you could drive over and inspect previous projects and talk with other homeowners. If you have never had such a project done before you might not recognize whether the work is good or bad, but conversations with other knowledgeable people can help educate you. Finally, is the estimate reasonable and is it explained well by the contractor? On a personal level, does he seem trustworthy, and do other customers give a good report on his integrity? When you are planning to install vinyl siding, Maine contractors are available that are trustworthy and competent to bring your renovation project to a successful conclusion. A little research will lead you to the right one.

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