Finding Siding Color and Selection for your Home

Siding Colors Styles and Selection in Maine

Siding Colors Kaleidoscope for Mainers

Despite the style or type of siding you choose, siding colors abound. Whether you're looking for a fresh, bright color in neutral or earth tones or you're ready to make a statement with reds or blues, you will be confronted with a kaleidoscope of options. So how should you choose the perfect color for you from the plethora of siding colors? Along with the common and more obvious considerations of your taste, possible requirements in your neighborhood, the style of your home, and the color of your roof, siding material and style should be considered since certain styles and types of siding place some perimeters on available siding colors.

Vinyl Siding Installation Repair and Replacement

Vinyl siding offers the widest selection of siding colors. However, even within this broad category of siding material, a few of the styles logically have fewer color choices. Log, brickface, and stoneface styles limit the colors to the browns, reds, and grays that a customer would expect to find for the look implied by the style. Stucco, beaded, insulated, cedar, and a host of other vinyl styles provide a wider variety in cool and warm earth tone and red and blue shaded siding colors. Classic, contemporary, or creative options for siding colors are readily available with this siding material.

Metal Siding Estimates in Maine

Although metal siding doesn't provide the nuances of tones found within the vinyl siding colors, you can still choose from a good variety of neutrals and bolds. In fact, the siding colors with this material may give you some of the deeper and richer tones you won't be able to find in other siding options. Browns, reds, greens, and blues along with orange, teal, and burgundy give you the opportunity to find the right color.

Wood Siding Estimates and Repairs

While wood can be painted or stained in multiple ways, siding colors with this material will obviously be affected by the type of wood used for the sidings. Different types of wood have different natural colors; knowing these colors and the way the wood types react with paint and stains will help you determine the best choice for your siding. Stains that bring out the natural color of certain types of wood can be the simplest option. Of course, you can still get just about any color you want by applying paint, but the process of achieving an extremely specific tone will be more complicated with wood siding.

Hardie Siding - Fiber Cement Siding in Maine

Classic siding colors for modern housing are available with this siding material. While yellow, deep red, and tones of blue and green are options, the siding colors are limited to those currently in vogue. A benefit of a limited color palate like this would be the lack of needless clutter from too many options. You can also be assured that the colors have been researched and tested for upscale homes and buildings. However, if you're wanting to be more creative and adventurous in your consideration of siding colors, you will find the options with this siding material limiting.

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