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Many homeowners are looking for ways to update the exterior of their home. New siding and windows can be a quick update to your house without breaking the bank. There are several things you should consider before going forward on any type of update to the outside of your home.

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Before purchasing any materials or contracting with a vendor, write down ideas about the new style that you want for your home. Siding and windows now come in many varieties, and the task of selecting them can seem daunting if you do not first consider the finished look that you want to have. Browse through magazines and even drive through neighborhoods to get an idea of what you do (and don't) want for your house.

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Make sure you compare the warranty, estimated lifespan, and maintenance needs of the different siding and windows you are interested in. Check to see if there are differences in insulation, ease of cleaning and overall value before making your decision. You want to make sure to get the best product for your money. One factor may be more important to you than others, so make a list of what you want and cross off any selection that does not meet your needs. That will help save you time when it comes to making your final choice. Make sure you choose products that will last for longer than just a few years.

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Another thing to consider is the future resale value of the house. Are the changes you plan to make going to increase or decrease the resale value? Select siding and windows that have warranties that are transferable to future owners. Some people think that any updates would increase the value of their home, but that is not always the case. Going too "cheap" on renovations may not help in the long run if the outside begins to look rundown when you decide you want to sell. Purchase quality products that are still within your budget, not the cheapest ones on the market.

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A final thing to consider with new siding and windows is overall cost. Included in overall cost is cost of materials, cost of maintenance, and cost of installation. There are ways to trim down on some of these costs. For instance select a siding that has a very low maintenance cost. It may take the cost of materials up slightly, but you would end up saving money overall. Another way to save is by selecting windows that you feel confident installing yourself. Before doing any of these things make sure you get a quote from your contractor to see what your options are.

Updating the look of your home doesn't have to be a huge ordeal. Carefully plan out your budget, do your research on what you are updating (making sure that you are getting quality materials at a good price), and you can change the look of your house without drama or nightmares.

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