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Shingle Siding Style and Selection

Ever since the late 1800s, shingled siding has provided an American look that is now considered to be traditional. The variety of shingle siding material and styles has drastically expanded throughout the years until now you can obtain shingles in just about any style made with any of the popular materials. While choosing shingle siding comes with general disadvantages such as increased installation time and effort and added danger of moisture penetration, these drawbacks can be compensated for by those who are charmed by this style. Choosing the best material for your climate and employing a trustworthy contractor to professionally install shingle siding will be extremely important if you find yourself among those who are ready to invest in a siding style that will most likely draw admiring attention to your home.

Wood Shingle Siding - Cedar and more

Cedar shingle siding, the first in this siding style, is still a rustic, traditional siding option. Although smooth, even shingles can be used, most often shingle siding with this material takes a rough-hewn appearance with uneven edges and an irregular, hand-crafted look. Installing and finishing wood shingle siding can be time-consuming and labor-intensive since shingles are often sold individually for a creative shingling process as a balanced, yet unique look takes shape. Wood material always comes with the threat of rot and termites and the need for upkeep in paint and finish. However, the authentic material can be worth the effort for homeowners who are willing and ready to stay on top of their wood.

Hardie Shingle Siding - Fiber Cement in Maine

Shingle siding with the growing-in-popularity fiber cement material provides an authentic-looking, yet durable shingle siding option. Staggered, straight, and notched-edge styles come in a variety of colors and can be installed in panels. Individual shingles are also available if you're dedicated to creating shingle siding that displays the unique individuality of piece-by-piece construction. In keeping with other Hardie siding products, the wood grain in the shingle siding is crafted with the goal of looking authentic. Although the general disadvantage of cost from the weight of the material still applies, the durability and low-maintenance of this product provides a product that can pay for itself when compared to the upkeep and preventative care of wood.

Vinyl Shingle Siding Contractor in Maine

The durability and variety of shingle siding styles using the vinyl material makes this siding option especially appealing. Vinyl shingle siding will often come in a customized color, eliminating the need to paint or finish shingle-by-shingle. Vinyl siding normally also offers the widest variety of color options, giving you the option to create anything from the whimsically bold to the classic rustic style for your home. Shingle siding styles also range from the most common square and round shingles to the elaborate: fish-scale, diamond, half-cove, and hexagon. While the durability of vinyl is less than the shingles made from the fiber cement material, the installation process is in general less expensive and the vinyl shingle siding will most definitely outlast shingle siding in wood.

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