Shake Siding Installation in Maine

Shake Siding Installations in Old Orchard Beach Maine

Wood Shake Siding

If you have chosen wood siding for your home, you have selected a beautiful material that is hard to imitate. No other siding, whether it is vinyl, aluminum, fiber cement, etc. can ever quite attain the classic beauty of wood. While you are sure to love the end result, one of the unique things about wood siding is that your thinking cap must remain on until the very end of the process. Once the decision to proceed with wood siding has been made, you still have miles to go before your decisions are over. There are more choices to be made with this material than with its competitors. This is a positive trait of wood siding, as it provides you with many options. You are sure to be truly satisfied at the end of your journey.

Vertical or Horizontal Siding for your Maine Exterior?

The first step is to picture the overall appearance of your siding. You must narrow down whether you prefer vertical wood siding, or horizontal wood siding. In the vertical category we find such siding as the plank and the shingle. The plank siding provides a uniform presentation, often appearing flat and flawless. It is frequently available for tongue and groove installation. The shingle siding offers a more textured appearance for your home. Each piece of vertically installed wood is made to overlap with those around it. The result is a very aesthetically pleasing presentation. Wood shakes also fall under this category. While they are similar to shingles, each piece of wood shake is thicker than the shingle. Horizontal wood siding has much to offer as well. Clapboard siding falls under this category, and is very popular. It gives a classic presentation, reminiscent of a farmhouse in the country. Each board overlaps slightly with the one below it, giving a staggered appearance. Another horizontal siding is bevel siding. This siding boasts a unique slope from one side of the board to the other. This slope gives the siding an efficient capability to shed water, and thus prolongs the life of the siding.

Hardwood or Plywood Shake or Cedar Shingles?

A cost effective choice for wood siding is plywood. This wood is normally installed vertically, but can easily be installed horizontally upon request. Plywood is constructed of wood veneers that have been joined with glue. Comparatively, plywood is very durable for a wood siding, making it a popular choice among customers. While more expensive, hardwood brings more character to the table than plywood does. You do pay a price for the added beauty, as hardwood is more difficult to install, may require more maintenance, and offers a shorter lifespan. Regardless of your choice, wood siding does require knowledge and upkeep.

Do your Shake Siding Contractor Research!

When you invest in wood siding, you invest in character for your home. The

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