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The Unusual Side of Siding Repair

When it comes time for some homeowners to choose a siding for their house, they choose what is right for them. It may be expensive, it may be cheap, but some homeowners choose sidings that are more unique or antique looking in order to give their house that unique look. Some of these sidings are extremely durable, but require special methods of siding repair. This article will cover two of the unusual repair jobs need for two different sidings.

Stucco Siding Repair and Replacement

Stucco can be great as a siding as it can last for a very long time (over 100 years in some cases) if installed properly. Life, however, is unpredictable and sometimes this type of siding can crack and pieces can break off.

The first thing a contractor does when repairing stucco is to make sure to remove the damaged pieces completely (even breaking off any which is already separating) in order to give the new stucco something to bond with. The contractor wets the old stucco after this is done to keep it from sucking water from the new stucco. He may also replace any damaged board, house wrap, and metal mesh beneath the stucco or the repair won't last too long.

After the old stucco is prepared a bonding agent is applied to the place needing to accept new stucco. New stucco is mixed and applied it to the area with the bonding agent to a thickness about a half an inch less than the old stucco. After this has dried for 24 hours, a second layer of stucco is added onto the patch location and textured as necessary. Once dry, the stucco can be painted to match the old installation.

Brick Siding Repair and Inspections in Maine

Brick is a beautiful and durable type of siding, but if your home is old, the mortar can sometimes crack and fall out, making the siding look a little worn out. A contractor will usually go about brick siding repair carefully, so as not to damage the bricks.

The old mortar is first removed, but in order to make sure no further damage is done, the mortar will usually be analyzed by a mason in order to give a better match to the specific mortar used in original construction. After the old mortar is removed and new mortar is found, any loose bricks are removed to be put back in with fresh mortar.

Once the area is clean and the mortar is mixed a contractor will then relay the bricks with the new mortar. After the mortar is dry, the bricks can be stained for a new brick look, or kept the way they are to add a distressed look.

Additional Maine Siding Company Information

For other unusual siding repair jobs, your contractor can tell you the specifics of the repairs needed. With all of the unique variations in the types of siding available, you can repair any siding right for you.

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