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How Expensive IS New Vinyl Siding?

When looking through the prices for vinyl siding, it can get very confusing. This siding is $2 per sq. ft., that one is $10, but they're all just vinyl aren't they?! While generally yes this is true, there are many factors which go into calculating the prices for vinyl siding.

The Basics - What do you need about your Vinyl Siding Contractor?

The first thing that might change the prices for vinyl siding is the requirements of your home. Different vinyl sidings are needed for homes in different weathers, as well as any which might be prone to sudden impacts from the surrounding environment (a house next to a baseball field certainly comes to mind). A contractor will have a better idea of the exact vinyl right for your house. Because vinyl is a type of PVC it tends to expand and contract with temperature more than other materials. This is perfectly fine, as the construction of the vinyl trim and nail hem allow for movement from expansion. However, as the vinyl becomes colder, it also becomes harder and can become brittle, especially if the vinyl used is very thin. For example, a home which is in the north and subject to colder temperatures much of the year require careful planning for when to install, and the thickness of the siding being installed. Cold weather installs of vinyl tend to be more time consuming as care must be taken to keep the vinyl from cracking when cutting. Also, thicker vinyl is generally used to keep the vinyl from cracking as easily from heavy impacts. Generally the thicker the vinyl the more tough it is, but it can also increase the prices for vinyl siding.

Vinyl Siding comes in all shapes and Styles

After gauging what thickness is need for where a home is located, it's time to think about the specific color and shape of the vinyl siding. Vinyl siding can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, some patterns even imitating brick or wood. Usually the more accurately the siding represents the actual material it is patterned after, the more expensive it is. Vinyl siding prices actually tend to differ very little when it comes to colors. Although there are the premium type colors (which can be glossy or matte), vinyl siding comes in a variety of different colors that are all similarly priced. The one thought to keep in mind when choosing a color for vinyl, is that the siding (like most paints and sidings) tends to fade after years in the sun. This doesn't mean that it becomes dingy or dirty-looking, simply that the exact shade that is selected might become a little lighter eventually.

Price of New Vinyl Siding on your Maine Home

The other main factor which affects prices for vinyl siding is location. Depending on where the house is, prices for different types of vinyl may change. A contractor is the best bet for getting a good estimate, selecting the type of vinyl for a home, and locating the costs of manufacturers in the surrounding area.

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