Price for Vinyl Siding in Maine

Price for Vinyl Siding Standish Maine

Price for Vinyl Siding

If you're building your own house, or if you're conducting a major renovation of your home, you might be considering wood siding instead of a more standard choice like vinyl. Before taking this step, you will want to carefully weigh all the pros and cons-including the durability of and price for siding-of this distinctive house covering.

The Basics of Siding or Renovating your Maine Home

Obviously, vinyl, plastic, and metal siding have not been around forever. They are relatively new products, invented as an improvement on the original wood siding. Today, people value the wood siding look because it is nostalgic and reflects the beauty of colonial America. Of course, the wood siding you can buy today is quite different from that of the past, and the price for siding has changed as well!

Vinyl Siding adds Value and Beauty to your Maine Home

Wood siding instantly gives a home a beautiful, distinctive, comfortable appearance. The fantastic look not only makes the home more enjoyable to the family that lives there, but it can also increase the house's value.

In areas that experience very cold weather, a major factor when considering the price for siding is its insulating value. In these circumstances, wood siding can be a better choice over thinner, flimsier vinyl siding. Especially as the cost of heating fuel rises, heavier wood siding is an attractive option for homeowners looking for a creative way to keep their houses warmer.

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As with any wooden building materials, termites, carpenter ants, and other boring insects are serious threats to wood siding. Expensive treatments are sometimes necessary to protect the siding from insect damage. In addition, if the siding faces weather extremes, such as bright sunlight during the summer and very cold conditions during the winter, the pieces fade in color, become brittle, and split, leaving the house looking poorly and possibly leaving the interior wall surface vulnerable to the elements.

The cost of paint, stain, or other coatings must be included in the price for siding where wood is involved. Tough, outdoor formulas are necessary, and even then the coats must be refreshed every few years if they are to remain bright and attractive. The high maintenance needs connected with wood siding is one of the main reasons other options became more popular.

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If you are looking for a dramatic way to transform your house and give it an entirely new look, wood siding may be the answer for you. You are sure to love the visual component, and you will probably see your home heating costs go down during the colder months. However, you should be ready to take good care of this new addition to your house; it is not nearly as low-maintenance as vinyl siding or brick. If you keep up with a schedule for renewing the paint, stain, pest control treatments, and make sure to replace any slats that become damaged, the exterior of your home will look nostalgic and exciting for many years to come. If the price for siding is the overriding factor for you, however, wood siding may not be the best choice-it is more expensive than lighter materials.

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