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Metal siding should no longer be relegated to mental images of rusty, make-shift sheds or even clean, new utility barns. Some significant advantages of metal siding seem to be inspiring innovations that continue to increase the opportunities to use this material. Many are finding metal siding to be an increasingly durable, desirable, and even designable siding option.

Metal Roofing and Siding in Maine is Perfect for Winter Weather

The fire resistant nature of metal is one of the most obvious examples of metal siding durability. Aluminum siding also offers the benefit of being sturdy enough to withstand salt and moisture in some of the warmer or coastal climates. Corrugated metal siding-metal in pre-cut sheets-provides the greatest level of durability in high winds and deep snows. Homeowners in areas without these continual strenuous weather patterns have also enjoyed similar long-term strength without the cladding (corrugating) that most industrial buildings use. However, the corrugated metal siding for homes seems to be increasing in popularity because of the additional strength. But corrugated or not, metal siding of any type will durably and consistently resist termites, rotting, and cracking-definite benefits that are rarely found in many other siding types. Most companies will boldly express their confidence in their metal siding products by offering extensive warranties.

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The nearly maintenance-free quality of metal siding is one factor that makes this siding option desirable. Although the quality and specific type of metal will determine the way the metal siding will react to specific environments, most metal sidings require minimal cleaning. Pressure washing or re-painting can often completely revive aluminum metal siding, though for many commercial products, a garden hose will provide all the cleaning power that's needed. While rust is a potential concern with steel metal siding, proper care and quality products can prevent even this concern. The relative low cost of metal siding when compared to other siding options is another aspect of this siding option that can increase its desirability. While some types of metal siding can come with expensive shipping and installment costs, the lack of ongoing and increasing maintenance costs have the definite possibility of balancing out the difference.

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Despite the stereotype of being utilitarian and the reputation for cheapness, metal siding has become increasingly designable. With textures, designs, and colors that are intended to pass for wood siding, metal siding has reached a new level of appeal for many consumers. Style and color options now include wood grains, board widths, finishes, and a color palate with the most popular choices for buildings.

Some disadvantages of using metal siding still exist. For example, adequate insulation for residential buildings sided with metal requires extra effort. Shipping and installing steel metal siding can also be expensive and demanding. Finally, while some claim that metal siding provides an extremely environmentally friendly option due to its recyclability and lack of toxics, others maintain that the amount of energy used in the production of the metal negates these benefits to the environment.

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