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Just What is Vinyl Siding?

When it comes time to spruce up the outside of the house or give it new looks many home-owners start from the beginning asking what is siding? Over the next few minutes we will try to look at a little bit about what siding is.

Vinyl Siding's Purpose in Protecting You

The question "What is siding?" is first answered by talking about why it is needed. When houses are first constructed there is only a layer of insulation surrounded by plywood. While this does insulate fairly well itself, bare plywood doesn't handle weather as well as some other materials. To solve the problem of having to frequently replace rotting or broken wood around a house different, more weather-resistant materials are attached overtop of the wood panels.

Different Types of Vinyl Siding in Southern Maine

You may say, "Yeah, yeah, I know why we need it, but what is siding made from?" There are many types of siding and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Vinyl siding is usually the least expensive siding used today. This is the siding that most people think of when asked the question, what is siding. It comes in a variety of different styles and can even be made to resemble wood or brick. Standard vinyl siding is usually made in lengths an average of twelve feet long and between six and ten inches wide; however, because of how easy it is to manufacture, it can be found in many different sizes and in lengths of up to forty feet.

Metal Siding Installation Contractors

Metal siding is valued for its durability and the ability to attach it easily to the house. It can be painted in whatever color is desired, and only needs to be repainted when the paint starts to come off of the siding itself. Because of its great durability, metal siding is more readily used in areas where there is harsher weather, and aluminum siding is great for seaside homes for its resistance to rust from saltwater corrosion.

Brick or Stone Exterior Siding

This type of siding is also valued for its resilient nature. Brick and stone last for a very long time and require almost no maintenance. They can also add a more unique look to a house, although one drawback can be price.

Stucco Installation and Home Repair

Stucco is a unique type of siding in that it must be applied over a mesh layer. Normally, a layer of house wrap is put underneath of siding in order to protect the side of the house and then the siding is nailed into studs in the houses wall. When applying stucco to a house a mesh layer must first be added over the house wrap and then the stucco is applied directly to the house. Stucco can be one of the best insulators, but any damage to the stucco should be patched quickly so that the hole does not begin to damage the other stucco.

The sidings listed here are some of the more common types, and other kinds are available. Your contractor can tell you about other options which would be right for you.

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