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When some people hear the word "cement" they immediately think of something dingy and sterile-looking. Fortunately for homeowners, this is not the case. "Cement siding" is actually short for a Fiber Cement Siding and can come in a variety of designs and sizes.

What does "fiber cement siding" mean?

The term fiber is used because a special type of cement is mixed with cellulose fibers in order to give the cement different properties. The cellulose fibers and Portland cement (cement which hardens underwater) are the two main ingredients in this siding then sand and water are added (along with any proprietary ingredients which a manufacturer might use). As the mixture hardens a more whether resistant and less porous type of cement is formed which is extremely suited for use as cement siding.

What are the advantages of this siding for Mainers?

Because of the very nature of cement, the siding is naturally more resistant to the elements. This allows for a very low maintenance need once the siding is installed. This highly resistant nature also allows the siding to be very fire resistant and it is widely used in areas with a high instance of brush fires. Some sidings require a coat of paint in order to finish them; however, the materials which make up some of these sidings tend to expand and contract large amounts which can cause the paint to crack or peel. With cement siding the cement base expands much less in varying temperatures so paint will last much longer.

Does all fiber cement siding look the same?

When fiber cement is made it can be shaped into a variety of different profiles of siding. One of the most common ways to make it is with the look of normal wooden siding. This can give the appearance of wood without some of the higher maintenance aspects. Another common form for this siding is in the shape of a brick type siding. This allows for the look of an older home that is easy to install and keep. There are a variety of other types of shapes it is possible to make with fiber cement so the choices are many.

Is siding hard to install in Maine?

Cement siding can be slightly more difficult to install. It is slightly heavier than other sidings and this can make it more difficult to keep level. Usually a power saw is needed to cut thick boards of fiber cement and thinner boards need metal shears. The large amount of dust can also pose a problem as breathing it in can lead to certain health problems. That being said, when the proper tools are used by an experienced contractor the installation of fiber cement pieces can be easy and perfectly safe.

Why cement siding for my Maine home?

This type of siding tends to be more durable than most, as the very nature of cement is tougher than other materials. The manufacture of the siding puts it in the mid-range in price, but manages to keep it cheaper than other durable siding materials like stone or brick.

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