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Fiber cement siding was patented in 1901 by Ludwig Hatschek in Austria as he was looking to make a material which could endure the elements for a long time. This material was quickly adopted in the housing industry because of its durability, waterproofing, and fire-resistance. The original mixture was created using roughly 10% asbestos and 90% cement, and this mixture was used until the late seventies to early eighties. After the discovery of the dangers of asbestos in the seventies, the housing company began phasing out asbestos in favor of healthier alternatives like cellulose fiber. Removing asbestos siding from the market did take time however, as some studies seemed to show that the asbestos was not released in any quantities large enough to be dangerous. Cellulose fiber is the main ingredient in the fiber cement created today.

The Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding in Maine

This type of siding is excellent for a number of reasons, the first being its extreme durability. Cement by itself tends to be very stiff and for this reason becomes very brittle when made thin enough to use in siding applications. The fibers mixed into the cement during the manufacture process allow the siding to become flexible when made thin, keeping the cement particles together. This flexibility and thinness are what allow fiber cement siding to be light enough to be used in housing applications, as pure cement would be too heavy to be of use. Because of its durability many manufacturers offer guarantees for replacement if the siding should need replacement before its expected lifetime. Other advantages are its water-tightness and fire-resistant qualities. Many sidings have a problem with rot and mildew, but fiber cement offers a resilient alternative to these other options. In areas where there is the possibility of bush-fires, fiber cement is safer and reduces the potential residential damages. Since manufacturing fiber cement siding is relatively easy costs to the consumer are lower than some of the other high-durability sidings available. The manufacturing process is simple enough that multiple patterns can be produced for the siding making it look like wood, brick, stone, and a number of other materials. The siding also handles paint very well. Some other sidings tend to expand or contract depending on the surrounding temperatures, and unfortunately most paints do not share this flexibility. Because of this, the paints on these sidings tend to crack and chip, and the siding requires repainting more often. The fiber cement material, by its nature, tends not to expand or contract as much as other sidings so it can keep a coat of paint longer, reducing the overall cost of repainting over its lifetime.

Installing Fiber Cement and Repairing it in Maine

Thankfully the installation of fiber cement siding is essentially the same as many other sidings. One difference being that, since it is heavier than other sidings, more care is needed when making sure that the siding is level while attaching it to the building. The other main difference is that it can take a circular saw to cut the siding to the proper length.

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