How to Install Siding on your Maine Home

How to Install Siding on your Maine Home

Why Should I Install Vinyl Siding?

When asking the question of whether or not to install vinyl siding the first thing most people will think of is price. Vinyl does tend to be the cheapest form of siding available, but, unlike some other types of products, a reduction in price doesn't necessarily reflect a change in quality. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks when it comes time to decide whether to install vinyl siding or choose another type.

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One of the most obvious advantages for vinyl siding is price. Because of how easy it is to manufacture, vinyl is very cheap to make and those savings pass right on to the consumer. This is one of the main reasons that vinyl siding is the most used type of siding in the United States and Canada. This same ease of manufacture allows the siding to come in a variety of shapes and colors. Vinyl siding can be made to look like wooden siding or even brick in some cases. For colors some manufacturers even will match to a sample color a customer provides. Another great advantage of vinyl siding is its low maintenance. It does not need to be painted and, unlike wood sidings, vinyl sidings to not risk the chance of rot and are extremely resistant to mildew. The only real maintenance required for vinyl siding is that it be washed with a hose a couple times a year. Because of how easy it is to install vinyl siding, contractor costs are kept low and it can usually be completed in a very short time-frame. Also, if damage occurs to the siding, it is much easier to repair than some other varieties of siding. Vinyl siding can also be installed on top of some other types of siding like wood, so this will keep residing costs down for those wishing to change their siding.

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One of the drawbacks of vinyl siding is that it can't usually be painted. This can be a problem as all types of sidings will fade over the years. Some types of paint are advertised to work on vinyl sidings, but usually painting over siding will void the manufacturers' warranty. Vinyl siding tends to expand or contract more than other sidings due to outside temperature fluctuations. The only time this problem usually arises is when the siding is installed incorrectly and no gaps are given between the edges of doors and windows for the siding to expand lengthwise. Also, if nails are driven in too far then the panels will buckle as the material heats or cools.

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There are varying kinds of vinyl siding manufactured today, and this is just an overview of general qualities of vinyl sidings. Manufacturers will always have more information about their specific brand of vinyl siding, and a contractor will know how to reach them. In the end the choice to install vinyl siding rests with whether it is the best match for the homeowners needs.

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