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Options for Siding your Maine House

If you are considering installing new house siding, you have more options than ever before in the materials, styles, and colors available than ever before. Factors such as style, maintenance requirements, durability, and price differ between the various types of products. This brief overview will compare the benefits and drawbacks of several of the major categories of products available.

Traditional Wood Siding Installations

Wood siding creates a very traditional look, and can be applied as boards or as shingles. Wood house siding is very beautiful and durable, but its primary disadvantage is that it requires a lot of maintenance. It must be painted or stained, and all exterior finishes deteriorate over time. Before refinishing, the surfaces must be scraped and prepared-a step which can take longer than the actual painting itself. Wood is also subject to rot and insect damage. The cost of wood siding varies depending on the type of wood and the style chosen, but can be in the moderate to high range.

Aluminum Siding Contractors in Maine

Aluminum siding is a lower maintenance option and comes with either a pre-painted finish or a durable vinyl finish. This material can be installed over existed surfaces. Its main advantage is that it is very low maintenance-no painting necessary. Aluminum can be a noisy material and it can also be dented by accidental contact. The cost of aluminum siding is generally moderate. The vinyl or plastic coated products are more expensive.

New Vinyl Siding Installation in Portland, ME

Vinyl siding requires virtually no maintenance and is less prone to dents than aluminum. It comes in a greater range of textures, colors and styles than ever before and installs quickly. Vinyl siding can resemble traditional clapboards, cedar shingles, or even a log cabin. Cold weather can make vinyl house siding brittle and leave it more prone to cracking upon impact. Vinyl siding is generally in the low to moderate price range.

Cement Fiber Siding Replacement in Maine

This house siding option is a very durable product with many advantages. It is available in boards or shakes that cut, install and look much like traditional wood. Because it cuts and mills like wood, trim and millwork are also available so you can have beautiful detailing. Cement fiber is also available as stucco panels if you want a different look. The surface does require painting, but the finish can last up to twice as long as on wood. Other maintenance is virtually eliminated because cement fiber is very durable and is not susceptible to rotting, warping, or insect damage. Cement fiber is probably the most expensive of the available products.

As the homeowner, you have to decide which features are most important for you. If you are surrounded by traditionally homes, you may want to pick a finish that will match the style of the neighborhood. If cost is the most important factor, aluminum or vinyl house siding are your best options. In any home repair or renovation, proper installation of your selected products is extremely important. Be sure to choose a contractor that is experienced in the particular product that you choose.

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