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Fiber Cement Siding Installation and Repair in Maine

HardiPlank Means Never Residing Again

The marvels of vinyl siding have been replaced with the wonders of fiber-cement siding, and the siding of the James Hardie Company tops them all. Over 4 million homes feature this HardiPlank siding, siding made to withstand various topographies and climates. In fact, this siding can be custom fabricated to meet the demands of a specific region, be it hot, cold, dry, or wet.

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Made from wood fibers and a core of cement, HardiPlank is engineered for durability and constructed to be almost as thick as wood, unlike vinyl, which is often mere millimeters in thickness. Although it is not fireproof, it is fire resistant because it does not use combustible materials like vinyl or wood siding that will feed a fire. It is also insect resistant; the intermingling of wood and cement does not appeal to most wood-eating pests. Because it is mold and mildew resistant, it is practically worry free. With proper cleaning and maintenance, this fiber-cement siding may well outlast the house itself.

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There is no need to worry about blandness because HardiPlank comes in a variety of textures and colors. Whether you prefer a wood grain look or a smooth facade, James Hardie has it. In fact, the grooves and texture of the wood grain look so realistic that you would have to be right on top of it to realize that it is not wood. The siding also comes in a stucco finish and even a cedar shingles appearance. The color palette includes over fifteen shades of tans and browns, blues and grays, as well as black and burgundy. Pre-primed white siding is available as well for those more particular or adventuresome about the color of a home; the surface of the siding takes any home exterior paint and preserves it without chipping or peeling. However, if you choose from the company's colors, you can also get matching caulk and trim pieces for a truly polished look.

Environmentally Friendly Siding Installation and Services

We live in the age of green construction, and fiber-cement siding can be easily classified as a green material. The wood used in the construction of this particular siding does not come from endangered trees, and because it is a mixture, not as much wood is needed. With sand and cement in abundance, there is no depleting of natural resources. Also, the company uses no toxic materials in the processing of its materials, unlike vinyl or even wood siding. Because HardiPlank is so long-lasting, it is almost like a renewable resource with no need to replace or repaint.

The only real disadvantage to using fiber-cement siding is the cost of materials and the need for professional installation, but even this disadvantage is minimal when viewed in light of the overwhelming advantages. Even though the materials created by the James Hardie Company can cost twice as much to buy and install, the enduring nature of the materials means a savings in the long run. The manufacturers even provide a 30-year transferrable warranty on its product.

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