Cost of Vinyl Siding Replacement in Portland, ME

Cost of Vinyl Siding in Maine

Can New Siding Really Be That Cheap?

As the time for residing an old home or siding a new home approaches, many homeowners look at the cost of vinyl siding and wonder how it is possible to have a quality siding at such a low price. Some might even think they are getting cheated by their contractor! No, your contractor isn't trying to pull a fast one, he knows the qualities of vinyl siding that make the cost of vinyl siding a real bargain.

But it must cost more to make vinyl siding?

Originally vinyl siding was made in the 1950s using a process called mono-extrusion to shape the product during production. Mono-extrusion is a shaping process where the semi-liquid vinyl is forced through a small opening to gain the long plank-like (called panels) required to use as siding. Because all of these sidings would be exposed to sun and weather, toughening agents such as UV-protective and hardening chemicals were used. Unfortunately these chemicals (especially the UV-protector) are expensive, and since the chemicals were put throughout the material more was needed. The hardening agents in these first vinyl planks also tended to make the plank inflexible, causing them to warp and break from expanding in different temperatures and hard impacts. Eventually, the vinyl siding manufacture moved over to a new technique called co-extrusion. In the 1970s co-extrusion allowed a second layer of vinyl to be extruded on top of the first layer. This meant that only a thin layer of vinyl needed to be treated in order to gain the tough, UV-resistant qualities which vinyl needs. Since only a small amount needs the treatment, less expensive chemicals are used (lowering the cost of vinyl siding) and the vinyl is still flexible and tough enough to make good siding.

There are probably less Vinyl Siding Choices for Maine Homes

Fortunately, the exact opposite is true! Because of how easy it is to treat such a small outer layer of vinyl, there are many colors available, and your contractor might know of a couple of contractors that are willing to make custom colors based on a sample you provide. Since vinyl siding expands when it gets hot, usually only lighter colors are recommended for those purchasing vinyl. The thickness of your siding can also be changed. Some areas, because of severe weather or heat, need a thicker siding that can take more of a beating. Vinyl siding can come in thicknesses from 0.35 to 0.50 inches, although the thicker the siding usually more the cost of vinyl siding increases.

Roofing and Siding Cleaning Services in Maine

Actually because of the natural mildew and rot resistive qualities of vinyl, just a light hosing with a small amount of vinyl cleaner is needed every six months. This is just to keep off any dirt which might have accumulated and keeps it looking fresh. So over the long run, the cost of vinyl siding can be much cheaper. Your contractor can tell you some of the other qualities of vinyl siding, and help determine whether vinyl siding is right for your home.

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