Cost for Vinyl Siding Replacement in Southern Maine

Portland Maine Cost for Vinyl Siding

Cost For Siding - Breakdown By Siding

The cost for siding can be a little difficult to pin down. Busy contractors would prefer to give estimates to serious customers needing a siding job done, and because there are so many variables; size of home, type of siding, ease of access, and additional frills, these all contribute to the final cost. It's not just the cost for materials that need to be taken into consideration, either. You have labor expenses to factor in - so figuring an exact quote for the cost can be a little difficult.

The Cost for Siding by Region

Depending on where you live in the US, the cost of the type of material can vary greatly. For instance if you live in a big city, away from an abundance of local trees and lumber mills - chances are you will pay more for wood siding. Supply and demand, weather climate, and availability of materials are the main factors determined by the region you live in. Of course regional taxes must be taken into consideration when calculating the price of siding and labor.

The Cost for Siding by Material

You already know there are a variety of material types available for siding your home with. We will try to give a loose estimate of some of the more common types of material used. Also, siding is figured by square foot - so obviously each home is going to be different. Consulting with a professional contractor is the best way to get a close estimate.

Aluminum Siding in Maine

Aluminum siding runs right around $3/sq foot. So, depending on the size of your house, the price could range anywhere between $3,000 - $9,000. Obviously, a small cottage is going to cost much less than a five bedroom farmhouse.

Wood Siding and Cedar Siding

Installing this type of siding depends on lumber prices in your area of the country. Typically more expensive than other options. It's possible to spend around $6,000 for a small house - even if you choose pine as the wood of choice. Cedar shakes range on the higher side, anywhere between $25,000 - $28,000 for a moderate size home.

Vinyl Siding Experts in Portland

Vinyl siding is a widely popular choice because the cost for siding is very reasonably priced (about $1 per square foot) and is readily available. It may be easier to install then some other siding options, so it may cost less in labor expenses as well.

Cost for Siding By Labor

Labor pricing will vary from contractor to contractor, but heavy competition keeps it in an affordable range. Ease of access is taken into consideration, as well as the amount of windows and doors that would need to be removed and reinstalled. When choosing a contractor, you not only want to consider his charge for labor, but his quality of work, any testimonies given about completed jobs, and the timeliness in which he is known to finish a job. The cost for siding is only part of the equation - you do get what you pay for.

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