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Cement Fiber Siding for Maine Houses

Harde siding, with the current claim of being the top brand of siding in America, has been enjoying an increase in popularity. Though this fiber cement siding isn't a new product, some claim that its recent height in popularity is due to the green factor.

Environmentally Friendly Siding

Recognized by organizations such as Energy Star and Built Green, Hardie siding has the approval of those who are concerned about preserving the environment. Harding siding is made from common raw, low-toxic materials. Wood pulp, sand, water, and cement are resources that are readily available across America. This dependence on abundant natural material allows manufacturing that can support local economies and eliminate extensive transportation pollution.

Siding that can withstand Maine Weather

The durability of Hardie siding is often a major selling point as well. Due to its unique combination of materials, Hardie board can withstand many of the common destroyers of siding. Since water doesn't penetrate into this fibrous material, the possibility of rot or mold is eliminated, especially good news for those living in damp, humid climates. Salt spray, wind, and snow also meet their match in this siding, broadening its appeal to those in areas that face the more overt abrasions of harsher climates. Even fire seems unable to penetrate the strong mixture of sand and concrete in Hardie siding. Houses with Hardie siding have remained unscathed by flames according to eyewitness accounts and video clips. Excellent warranties (from 30-50 years) with Hardie siding deals reinforce the fact that this siding seems as close as you can get to the indestructible. The weight and strength of this siding creates one of its major disadvantages: difficulty in installation. Lack of flexibility in the material and the need for precision and planning in the mounting create the need for more workers and time, causing the cost of Hardie siding a house to skyrocket. However, many are still willing to pay the extra cost in exchange for the extra durability.

Southern Maine Cement Reinforced Siding

The producers of Hardie siding have also created many attractive style options, ensuring that Portland, ME area customers concerned for the environment and their own safety can enjoy a beautiful home. Wood-looking shingles, the appearance of stucco finishes and a variety of trim options are among the possibilities for this extremely versatile material. And traditional, contemporary, or regional styles are all available in an array of color choices. Finishes and color are baked into the Hardie siding for the longest possible life. While many name the need for re-painting as another disadvantage of Harding siding, the finish will still outlast by several years the finish of wood siding. Often Harding siding finishes are warranted for up to 15 years; the need to repaint should not happen before that time period. Despite the inability of Hardie siding finishes to keep up with the entire life of the Hardie board, repainting Hardie siding should not be complicated as long as the properly recommended paint and procedures are used for the unique material of Harding siding.

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