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Cedar Wood Siding in Maine

The Beauty of Cedar Siding

Wood siding is a classic and beautiful way to finish the exterior of your home. There are many different types of wood siding, each with its own unique properties and advantages. Cedar siding is perhaps one of the most popular wood sidings, because of its rustic beauty. A classic wood siding, cedar is sure to add beautiful character to a home. It is more expensive than vinyl siding, but it offers many advantages over its vinyl counterpart. For instance, cedar siding is a better insulator than vinyl siding, keeping homes warmer and cooler respectively. However, the main characteristic that draws customers to cedar siding over and again is its timeless beauty.

Not Just Wood Shingle Siding

While all wood siding requires a certain degree of maintenance, cedar siding possesses a natural resistance to moisture and rotting. It also boasts a straight grain, and resists splitting. This fact makes it a common choice for those interested in shingles or shakes, as cedar shingles have an added durability. While it will never possess the lifespan of vinyl or aluminum siding, cedar siding is more durable than the average wood siding.

Presentation Options for your Maine Home

Cedar siding offers a wide range of presentation options. Perhaps this fact alone explains the popularity that cedar siding holds. Some of these options include bevel siding, tongue and groove, board and batten, lap siding and trim boards. Bevel siding has the unique advantage of being cut to serve an aesthetic and a practical purpose. Each board has been cut at an angle to make one edge thicker than the other. This enables the cedar siding to shed water at a more efficient rate, thus lengthening the lifespan of the siding. This special cutting method also leaves beautiful shadow lines one the wood is installed horizontally. Unlike beveled siding, tongue and groove siding can be installed horizontally, vertically and even diagonally. This secure siding can be purchased in rough or smooth finishes, and fits with many outdoor decor desires. When a truly rustic appearance is requested, lap siding is the ideal choice. It can be installed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally as well. Lap siding is the traditional siding used when a log cabin look is desired. Board and batten cedar siding is currently a very popular presentation style. This classic design uses wide cedar boards installed vertically, with narrow boards covering the joins. A deep channel effect can be achieved when this order is reversed. The last option is trim boards. Trim boards are reminiscent of shingles, giving an artistic texture to the exterior of the home. These boards require an added level of maintenance and sealing.

Portland Maine Cedar Siding Installations

Cedar siding has a beauty all of its own. It simply cannot be rivaled by synthetic materials. For a truly rustic character, there is no better choice than cedar siding. However, as with any hardwood siding, cedar brings with it a degree of maintenance that vinyl or aluminum siding simply does not require. Cedar siding must be sealed with specific sealants to protect it from the elements. This siding can last for many years with the proper care.

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