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Brick Siding Inspection and Repair in Maine

The Advantages of Brick

Throughout the years, brick siding has remained the most eagerly desired material for the exterior of many Maine homes. This fact has to do with the classic style that brick has come to embody, but it involves many practical reasons as well. Brick siding leads the way among its competitors in the areas of strength and durability, in addition to beauty.

Brick Siding to strengthen your Maine Home

Brick siding is well known as one of the strongest materials that can put on the exterior of a home. There is no fear of damage or denting as with its competitors. Another advantage of this strength is that the dense material stores heat and slowly releases it. This translates into lower heating and cooling bills year round. Brick is also a wonderful fire retardant, keeping the building and those occupying it safe.

Brick is Durable and Last the Tough Maine Winter

Unlike its competitors, brick siding is incredibly durable. One normally expects for brick to last the entire life of the structure it is placed on, with no repairs or preservation required to the brick itself. Unlike vinyl or aluminum, brick siding does not rot, and is not affected by the elements. All that maintenance that is required is an occasional washing down with a hose. At times, after years have gone by, the masonry can deteriorate. This can be easily repaired by the process of pointing, which is the removal and replacement of mortar. Brick siding remains one of the most durable materials that can be put on the exterior of a home.

The Beauty of Brick Siding in Maine

Brick siding is among the most desirable exterior finishes because of its classic beauty. No matter what the architectural style of the home, brick is a perfect fit. It is incredibly versatile, allowing the home owner to take the house in many different stylistic directions. Many homeowners use brick to make patterns or arches that would be impossible with other sidings. Since brick is a three-dimensional material, the possibilities for personalization are vast. For instance, an aged look is achieved by building a home using bricks in a staggered pattern. A whitewashed brick home instantly screams "cottage," and a painted brick home can communicate a variety of things, each one with a classic grounding. This fact affects the resale value of brick homes in very positive ways. The beauty of brick siding is truly timeless and desirable.

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