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Asphalt Shingles With Style

Asphalt shingle roofs are probably the most trendy style of roof on the market. In years previous most asphalt roofs pretty substantially looked alike. Much more lately, designs have emerged that give the homeowner some thrilling design selections. The design of asphalt shingles is divided into three categories, the three tab shingles, dimensional (aka architectural) shingles, and designer shingles.

The Three Tab Roofing Shingle

The 3 tab shingle is the style of shingle we are one of the most familiar with. Although quickly becoming replaced by other types, the three tab shingle is still on extra properties today than any other style. Attributes of your 3 tab shingle involve:

  • Each shingle has 3 uniform tabs.
  • The shingles lies flat.
  • They possess a clean symmetrical look.
  • The ridge cap and starter strip might be produced from the shingle itself.
  • Three tab shingles are really economical.
  • Ridge cap and starter strip do not have to be bought separately.
  • Since they lie flat, 3 tab shingles take on an supplemental layer way more readily.
  • Has a classic appear.
  • Comes in a wide range of colors.
  • Easy to install.
  • Not as sturdy or substantial as dimensional and designer shingles.
  • Has a classic look.
  • Shorter warranty, normally ranging 20 years to 30 years.
  • The Dimensional Shingle - Roof Installations in Maine

    Although originally named architectural shingles, they are now called dimensional shingles in daily language. Architectural Shingles got the name "dimensional" for the reason that consumers noticed that the shingles had a 3 dimensional appear to them. That is mainly because a number of the tabs are raised even though others are recessed. This shingle has lately gained in recognition and is now the major selling asphalt shingle available on the market, even edging out the classic 3 tab shingle. Characteristics of the dimensional shingle involve:

  • Much heavier and much more substantial than the 3 tab shingle.
  • Though tastes vary, the dimensional shingle is normally regarded as far far more attractive than the three tab shingle.
  • The separately purchased ridge cap provides a very fabulous finishing touch.
  • Longer warranties. The warranties are typically superior towards the 3 tab shingle, quite often ranging from 30 years to lifetime.
  • Though alot more high-priced, home owners appear to believe the further cost is properly worth it.
  • Dimensional shingles are far more highly-priced.
  • Ridge cap and starter strip have to be purchased separately.
  • The rougher surface isn't conducive to a second layer of shingles.
  • The Designer Shingle for your Maine New Roof

    Designer shingles are clear evidence asphalt shingles have evolved from a functional roof covering to a thing upscale, attractive, and stylish. Designer shingles for most people who genuinely care about how their roof looks. Options and rewards contain:

    These shingles are usually made to imitate classic roof supplies and types. For instance, you will discover designer shingles which are created to appear like wood shake, slate, and clay tile. The shingles might be shaped to capture designs of certain geographical regions and historical eras. By way of example, you'll find shingles that are European, Victorian, and American Southwest. They are just a number of the shingle designs offered.

  • You can have a roof that looks like wood in areas exactly where wood roofs are outlawed due to fire hazard.
  • Various types will be imitated whilst obtaining all the benefits of an asphalt roof.
  • All these imitation roofs wood be far much more pricey if they were the genuine issue.
  • Exceptionally sturdy, in all probability the last roof you can expect to ever have to have.
  • Warranties commonly run between 50 years and lifetime.
  • The shingles include breathtaking designer ridge caps.
  • This could be the most high priced of all asphalt roofs.
  • With asphalt shingles you're able to go for affordability, exceptional durability, or beauty and style. The decision is yours.

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