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Choosing the perfect siding for a home can be difficult. Much research and thought are involved, and the customer will learn a great deal throughout the process. As research occurs, customers often come across siding options they had never considered before, and know very little or nothing about. Aluminum siding in Maine is just such an option. Many will brush it off without looking into it, and may miss out on the great advantages that aluminum siding has to offer.

Cost Effective Maine Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding is a very cost effective option for siding a home or a business. Overall, it is comparable in price to vinyl siding, ranging from $3 to $5 a square foot. It is generally less expensive than its wood siding counterpart, and comes in far cheaper than cement or stone as well. Aluminum siding is also very affordable to install, making it a wonderful option for those on a budget. It can even be installed over your existing siding, cutting down on both the time and labor commitments normally involved in installation. Those searching for an affordable siding option would do well to give aluminum siding a long and hard consideration.

We Install Top Quality Durable Metal Siding

One of the primary advantages of aluminum siding is its durability. It is a good choice for homes in wet climates, since moisture will not cause it to rot in any way. Home owners will not need to keep constant watch over the condition of their siding, feeling the pressure to recognize and correct siding issues before the problem increases. Aluminum siding boasts a long lifespan, and requires far less maintenance than its counterparts. A simple hose will do the trick of making this siding look like new again. While it is incredibly durable, aluminum siding can dent when objects hit it. Fading and weathering can also be seen over extended periods of time.

Aluminum Siding Presentation Options

Aluminum siding actually has many options regarding presentation. It can be left plain, having a shiny and clean appearance. It can also be pre-painted in a variety of colors. Many aluminum sidings also have an option for vinyl coating. All of these choices remain low maintenance, and possess the advantages that aluminum siding has to offer. Adding a vinyl coating does increase the cost of this siding, but it still remains one of the most affordable options available.

Pros and Cons of Aluminum Siding Installation in New England

The primary pro for aluminum siding is its durability. Its lifetime expectation, coupled with its low maintenance requirement makes it the perfect choice for many homes. It has many options for presentation, so it can be easily fitted to the exact desires of a home owner. On the flip side, there are a few unique safety concerns associated with aluminum siding, because it is made of metal. Aluminum siding is conductive to electricity, so the wiring of your home must be carefully examined and considered before installation. Aluminum siding can also be a noisy material whenever anything comes in contact with it. For most people considering this siding, the pros far outweigh the cons, and satisfaction with this material is the normal result.

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